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It’s that time of year again with summer in full swing and the warmer weather inviting more people to be out and about, driving on the roads and freeways late into the evening. Unfortunately, this means there are more opportunities for potential vehicle damage, whether from driving in normal workday traffic or heading out with the rest of us to the mountains and lakes for recreational outings with family and friends.

Summer driving also means going to fairs and rodeo days and staying out later to attend your favorite sporting events. This means parking in crowded conditions which can sometimes leave you with unsightly dents and dings on your auto body. And of course, weekend getaways and vacation travel that puts you at risk for incidents.

These all place your vehicle at risk for dings, accidents, and collisions. At Dent Master Auto body repair, our team of professionals can handle the worst you can throw at us, as well as fixing the normal wear and tear on your vehicle’s paint and body. Whether you need frame straightening or heavy collision repair after an accident or fixing annoying door dings and shopping cart damage to your vehicle, our qualified craftsmen, technicians, and mechanics have the experience to do the job reliably.

We keep an eye on the turnaround time with a goal of returning return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition as soon as possible and getting the job done to your specifications the first time. Distilled to its essence, our team takes pride in our work and work hard to give your vehicle the very best care it deserves.

Our Dent Master professionals have been serving Utahns in the Lehi, Utah area and surrounding communities for more than 20 years. We are known for our reliable and dependable service when it comes to treating all of your auto body needs. We welcome you to give us a call at 801-766-1222 if you need help restoring your vehicle!