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Sometimes even a minor automotive collision can alter elements of your vehicle’s safe operation that don’t immediately seem obvious. Even if you can live with the aesthetic imperfection left by a damaged bumper or altered body panel, your vehicle’s frame and alignment could lead to latent issues.

This could come in the form of premature deployment of an airbag, compromised safety in the case of a secondary automotive collision, or other effects on the operation of the car. In many of these cases, it could also lead to alignment issues that cause your car to corner poorly and could also exacerbate the natural process of tire wear.

If you’ve recently had a minor collision and you suspect some element of your vehicle’s alignment or frame has been compromised, the wisest course of action is to contact Dent Master in Lehi, Utah. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the nature and severity of the problem, to help you understand your options. If necessary we can help you negotiate with your insurance company to minimize costs within your existing coverage.

If you have recently suffered an automotive accident in the Lehi, Utah, area and you are concerned about the safe operation of your vehicle, you should call 801-766-1222 to schedule an estimate at Dent Master.