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When it comes to your vehicle, the paint can make a huge difference not only in its appearance but the protection it offers the body. What this means is that when it gets dings or scratches, it can seriously affect both the quality, value and safety of your vehicle. And with winter on its way, now is a good time to consider how upcoming changes in weather can bring with it vehicle damaging snow, ice and salt.

Why is this important? Because your car is essentially metal and metal has a tendency to rust. Your vehicle’s paint serves as protection from the elements that lead to rust. Three reasons your vehicle’s car paint finish matters:

1-Protects against corrosion – when rust gets a foothold on your vehicle by getting under the surface of the vehicle’s paint, it can weaken the steel parts of your car as it spreads, eating away at the structure. If you should notice scratches on the vehicle, your best bet is to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent corrosion from developing.

2-Prevent structural issues – paint protects your vehicle from incurring structural damage in the steel parts that can take place as the steel inevitably weakens over time. By sealing in your vehicle’s paint the steel will maintain its strength and safety.

3-Maintain the vehicle resale value – this goes back to appearance should you ever want to sell your vehicle down the road. A well-maintained paint job can go a long way to make a buyer feel more confident about purchasing a vehicle devoid of scratches and dings.

The paint on your vehicle is also vulnerable to dust and dirt blowing around. This is compounded when moisture attaches to the dust, becoming a sticky film that can scratch the finish as you travel down the road at higher speeds. Over time, as dirt and moisture get under the paint through scratches and attack the weakening metal, the damage will be done.

At Dent Master, we use PPG paint products and Waterborne base coats. Along with color matching, our paint is both durable and Eco-Friendly. Our master refinishers are able to customize your vehicle’s color so that it matches your original paint job. Conversely, we can also create a new color if you are wanting a change. At Dent Master located in Lehi, Utah, our paint is covered by a special lifetime warranty, so that it not only looks sharp when you pick it up but as long as you own your vehicle.

Whether you are restoring a classic car, older vehicle or restoring your car after a collision, our skilled craftsmen are proud to provide you with the highest quality auto paint in the area. Just call 801-766-1222 to set up an appointment with our shop, and protect your vehicle for the upcoming winter season!