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As your car ages and spends more time on the road, it becomes increasingly likely that it will suffer multiple minor paint chips. This could be from small rocks bouncing up off the road, a minor brush with a parking pole, or an errant toy thrown by a small child.

At first one or two small paint chips might seem like a minor cosmetic imperfection. However, as time goes on, these compromised areas can start to foster rust problems.

You see, your car’s paint job isn’t just a cosmetic enhancement. It’s also a protective layer, protecting the auto body components underneath. If the base metal of the car is exposed to the caprices of weather and things like road salt and rain, the chipped area could start to develop a rust spot. As time goes on, even a tiny area of rust can spread under the paint and even compromise the vehicle on a functional level.

Here at Dent Master of Lehi, Utah, our auto body repair and paint specialists can address chipped paint and rust spots in a variety of ways. This might include repairing the entire affected panel or completely replacing it.

We use sophisticated techniques and high-quality automotive paint to ensure that any new paint job or panel replacement will perfectly match your car’s original color. This will restore the protective quality of the paint as well as your car’s aesthetic appeal.

If you live in the Lehi, Utah area and you have a vehicle with chipped paint or minor rust spots, you should call (801) 766-1222 to schedule an estimate with Dent Master.