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Full-size pickup trucks play an important role in many industries, including road construction and remodeling. They are often tasked with transporting people, equipment and materials from one job site to the next. Many of these businesses also provide key employees with company trucks as an added convenience.

Maintaining these vehicles goes a long way toward extending their lifespan as well as saving the business money in critical repairs and truck replacement. Of course, this goes beyond things like oil changes and routine tune-ups. Protecting the truck’s box from scratches, dents and punctures also helps maintain the vehicle’s load capacity and prevents serious rust problems.

Here at Dent Master’s shop in Lehi, Utah, we have spent over 15 years proudly offering spray-on bed liners that are aesthetically pleasing as they are durable. They help protect the truck’s box from damage while also providing a non-slip grip, which can help prevent key equipment from sliding around during transport.

Our spray-on bed liners are formulated from polyurea hybrid material that is heated to 150 degrees and then pressurized to 2500 pounds per square inch.

If you own a business that relies on full-size trucks to transport materials and equipment, you should consider calling 801-766-1222 to learn more about the spray-on bed liners offered at Dent Master’s Shop in Lehi, Utah.