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Over time as we travel in our car, minor bumps, scrapes, and chips can occur in our paint. If these are ignored, rust can occur, which can lead to many problems.

Many people think paint on a car is not important, however, this would be incorrect. The paint on your car is a protective layer that protects the body of your car. It’s like an extra layer or shield of protection. When rust begins to grow it can spread like a cancer under other areas of paint leading to serious damage and function availability of your vehicle.

Many things can cause rust problems. Things like bad storms and weather blowing branches scratching your car, road salts for snowy or icy patches that can cause rust, and rain or hail that can hurt your car. Keeping mindful of your cars paint needs may save your car and your wallet from severe damage and expense in the future.

Here at Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, our auto shop specializes in auto paint repairs and rust spots in many ways. Our specialists can take a look at your damage and give you professional insight to give you the best results to your car. We are always happy to help you.