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Dent Master does amazing work. I have sent family, friends, and clients to them on numerous occasions and have always been told how wonderful they are. Of course I knew this because I have used them too! When you get in a wreck tell the insurance company that you are taking it to Dent Master in Lehi!!! Adam Judson

Dent Master is the best! The guys there do great work and they are honest. I trust them. Best in class car hospital! ViAna Brower

I dented my trunk with fight between my bike rack and the garage door. I went into Dent Masters for an estimate and was told I would probably need a new trunk. I had done some research and asked about buying a spoiler to cover the dents. Curtis laughed and agreed that my cheap fix was almost genius. I bought my spoiler from eBay and dropped it off. They painted it and when it was ready I dropped off my car. Two hours later I drove away with zero dents, and a bottle of touch up paint. These guys are honest everyday people, that obviously care about what they do. I would definitely recommend them to a friend, parent or even a grandparent. Yo R.

I am very pleased with the way Dent Master handled my estimate and repair. I took my Land Rover to three body shops and Dent Master is the only one that actually listened to me. I was paying for the repair myself (instead of using insurance), and wanted this fix done a certain way. For example, my bumper was pushed in 1-2 inches and only Dent Master was willing to try reshaping it, instead of replacing it. It looks perfect, and is still as strong as ever. There were no surprises…my bill was exactly what my estimate was. My truck was ready in only a few days. It was pretty darn salty when i dropped it off, but well washed when I picked it up. A nice touch. Staff is friendly and helpful. Received a nice thank-you card after estimate. TV and Magazines and a comfy couch in the waiting area. Give them a try. Matt G.

I had a very tricky dent to fix along a ridge line which had caused puckering on both sides of the ridge. The paint was undamaged so I was interested in PDR. David Brown

The folks at Dent Master told me that because of the nature of the dent they would only be able to get it to about 80% of the original condition. (Another repair place said the same thing.) However, I just got my car back and no matter how hard I try I can’t see any evidence there was ever a dent. It just about brought a tear to my eye. And the price was very reasonable, especially considering the nature of the dent.
Dent Master won a loyal customer in me.

I feel that Dent Master is honest in their estimates and do quality work. I am the type of person who goes out and looks at all different options and compares prices and services. We needed some auto body work on our car and Dent Master came out to be the most affordable but also the highest in customer satisfactory. Thanks Dent Master for the great work you guys do. Christian Turley

Abra quoted me $980 to fix the tailgate on my Chevy truck and Dent Master did a great job for $330. They were easy to work with and quick. Brandon Grover

What an honest group. I went in with what I thought was big issue and not only did they fix it, they fixed it right there and did not charge me anything. They could have given me an estimate, taken my car and then charged me for something that only took 5 minutes. But they didn’t and for that they have a customer for life. Thanks guys. Diane Moberly

Thee staff is friendly and helpful. Cheryl Hunt

Me, my family and my business have always used Dent Master for years! They have always done a great job and they go above and beyond to make it look perfect. They are quick, honest and reliable. I have used other places but have never been as happy as I have been with Dent Master. Heather and Frank are amazing and I won’t use anyone else! Shaylynn Lasson

these guys are amazing!! i grew up woth them and you get the home town good guy feels when you come here. they are good to you! justin and tj are happy people who are doing what they do because they love to help people.. i would and do recommend them to everyone i know.. they will treat you soo good and justin will keep you laughing even during the roughest of times(accidents). Shelley Behling

I had a couple of little scratches and a few dents in my car that were just really bothering me for some time. I brought my car in here because a friend referred it to me and I am very pleased with the result and job they did. My car looks great and I can’t tell there was ever even a scratch or dent in the areas they touched up for me. They have very affordable prices for what they do, and even at that there is always a special or deal you can find that they are promoting at the time. Great job Dent Master. Highly recommended. Taylor Warner

Friendly professional staff. They get things done the way you want it. Preston Michael

Name says it all. They are the Master. Not only did it look great on outside. The inside was spotless. I have never seen it so clean. Even got mistaken for a new car. Cody Rafiner

Amazing customer service! They fixed my car in a very timely manner also. Will be returning for future car repairs! They did a wonderful job. Ashle Makings