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As the weather gets nicer we tend to head outdoors more and onto the open road. If you have an RV or motorhome, our Dent Master team can get your rig ready for your trip. This is important, because your vehicle’s engine and transmission, for starters, require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. And once you get out on the road, be sure you have roadside assistance so if you do get stuck along the way, you won’t have to be worrying about scoring a tow truck. Also, big rigs need special towing equipment that companies that haul just cars often don’t have.

We have a pro-tip for you as well; get familiar with your RV manual! It will tell you about your rig’s systems and how to get it serviced and how often. Typical yearly maintenance involves changing out the oil and filters, having the chassis lubed, servicing your generator, checking air filters, the air system, the coolant and the transmission oil, and checking the tires for replacement. Of course, before you leave for a trip, we recommend checking your rig’s seals, sewage system and generator, tires and lug nuts to make sure everything’s in good working condition.

Our trained and certified technicians are ready to help you repair your vehicles dents, dings, and damages. We will inspect your RV or motor home for any damage and provide you with an honest estimate for the repair cost. We also perform basic maintenance including inspection, oil change, check your accessories or appliances, and vehicle maintenance needed to get you moving and ready for your road trip.

If you need parts replaced and depending on their availability, we offer a quick turnaround, typically within 24 to 48 hours, and do so at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running optimally at the best prices possible.

If you would like us to give you a pre-trip inspection, or you need repairs for your RV or motorhome, we welcome you to give our shop a call today at 801-766-1222. We will be happy to answer any question you may have or get you scheduled for an appointment. Our team has been helping motorists in Lehi, Utah and the surrounding communities with their vehicle repairs leave with a smile!