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When it comes to repairing your vehicle after an incident, it helps to know where to go to receive the quality you need to get back on the road again as good as new. At Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, we help you do just that. We’ve been assisting clients with their auto body needs with everything from making improvements to handling collision repair.

We can help you tackle the daunting task of fixing your vehicle after the trauma of an accident. To that end, we work with your insurance to arranging for a rental to drive while your vehicle is in repair. Our inspection process includes having our certified technicians order all necessary parts and provide you a completion date you can count on. To make the best possible assessment, we use laser measuring systems, a paint matching process which is computerized, and downdraft bake booths. You can follow the repair of your vehicle through our website so you can be confident of timely completion. We also document this process with photos and status updates around the clock, and you can choose to receive text messages, emails, or check in with our website directly. And finally, we offer is a lifetime warranty on our services.

This restoration allows our skilled technicians to fix your vehicle’s frame/unibody, using a machine that employs hydraulics and torque to realign it back to its factory specifications. Once the frame is correctly aligned, your vehicle will be at its safest to drive again. This is so important, because your frame protects you and your passengers, and works with your vehicle’s seatbelts and airbags as part of your safety features. With a unibody frame, it is made so that in case of impact, the frame crumbles to absorb the shock of a collision. You want to have any structural weaknesses in the vehicle repaired for a safe ride.

If your vehicle sustains damage to the body from day-to-day wear, it can degrade its appearance measurably. Our technicians have the expertise to remove these dents and get your vehicle back to showroom specs in no time at a lower cost than normal auto body repair places.

Our craftsman will make sure your vehicle looks as good as new after a collision. We offer you the highest quality auto paint in the area. And it’s not just because of how it makes your vehicle look. Our auto paint offers your vehicle extra protection, helping to keep the metal from rusting, especially when routinely exposed to salt and winter driving. To accomplish this, we use PPG paint products along with Water Bourne base coats. Not only does this work well with color-matching, but it’s durable and environmentally friendly. We also offer a lifetime warranty, so you can make sure your car maintains its beautiful color.

Our goal is to give you the quality care you need during this stressful time, as quickly as possible, and return your vehicle in its best condition yet. So if you would like to know more, please give our office a call at 801-766-1222 today!