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While it’s unfortunate, minor fender benders are a reality that crops up all too often on the roads. Sometimes this can be as significant as a major accident, sideswipe, or collision. On the other hand of the spectrum, something as simple as a rogue shopping cart or someone backing up too far in a parking lot can cause damage to a panel.

Your auto insurer will have specific regulations and procedures in place. This often involves taking multiple photos of the damaged body panels and glass. They can then give you directives involved in the repair.

The next step to consider is getting multiple, competitive estimates. Here at Dent Master of Lehi, Utah, we can help you understand every step of the process, and decode some of the complex legal language used by insurance companies.

Our technicians will work with you at every step along the way to make sure you’re clear on policies related to deductibles, the timetable for the repair and the quality of parts and components used to restore your vehicle to showroom condition.

We’re confident that once you experience our level of professionalism, you will no longer have the need for our competitor’s services.

If you’ve suffered automotive body damage in the Lehi, Utah area, you should call 801-766-1222 to start the estimating process with Dent Master.