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In the past, it was standard operating procedure for an automotive manufacturer to develop a vehicle with the frame and body as separable elements. If a body panel was damaged in an automotive collision, it could easily be replaced without any influence on the structural frame of the car.

This style of design had multiple impacts on vehicle performance and not the least of which included excess weight. As time passed, automotive technology continued to advance along with improvements to material components and metals. This allowed automotive manufacturers to incorporate the structural frame into the body of the car, making them one and the same.

Today, very few vehicles on the road have a body that is separate from the structural frame. Even a minor fender bender can affect the frame of your vehicle. This can affect the alignment, long-term tire wear, and safety of your vehicle.

If you’re in an automotive collision that affects the effective frame of the vehicle, the damaged panel might need to be replaced and a frame straightening might be needed at Dent Master’s shop in Lehi, Utah.

To do this, our technicians use a special machine that combines hydraulics and torque to adjust your vehicle’s frame. They will match frame machines with a sophisticated computerized laser measuring system to ensure that your vehicle is within factory specifications.

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