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Most modern vehicles incorporate some element of the structural frame with the body panels. They work in conjunction with other structures to provide your vehicle with the rigidity and structural integrity needed to drive on the road safely.

When your vehicle is involved in an automotive collision the damage can vary significantly. In some of these instances, the affected body panel can simply be replaced in a reasonable amount of time.

However, if the structural frame of the vehicle has been damaged, bent or compromised it could affect its safe handling on the road. In the past a situation like this might have meant that the vehicle would need to written-off as a total loss by your insurance company. A situation like this could prove to be a major hassle for you and your family, as you seek financing and shop for new transportation.

Here at Dent Master’s collision repair shop in Lehi, Utah, we can sometimes save a vehicle with frame damage. The frame straightening technique used by our technicians can adjust the frame with computer and laser-guided precision. It can often restore your vehicle to the safe operational specifications provided by the manufacturer.

If you have recently suffered an automotive collision in the region surrounding Lehi, Utah, and you need professional repair services to address frame damage, you should call 801-766-1222 to set up an estimate at Dent Master.