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If you have recently had a minor collision, or fender bender, out on the road and have not had it checked out, you might consider having one of our skilled autobody technicians at Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, take a closer look at it with an inspection. It is possible that your vehicle’s frame may have been altered, requiring a frame straightening restoration, even though it may not be obvious right away.

Normally, if your vehicle isn’t driving smoothly, turning corners don’t feel right, or it drifts from side to side, it could indicate possible alignment issues that can be quickly and easily be fixed by straightening the frame. It’s important to make sure, as your frame can be impacted enough that its factory specifications are out of alignment and compromising your vehicle’s performance and safety standards. This could mean your vehicle’s tracking, safety and tire wear may be affected, as today’s manufacturers incorporate the vehicle’s body panels with the structural frame. This keeps the rigidity and structural integrity your vehicle needs to drive safely.

Straightening your frame or unibody is a restorative process done using a machine that combines hydraulics and torque and then matched using a computerized laser measuring system to get the job done accurately within factory specs. To make this repair, we use a special frame machine designed to adjust the frame by combining hydraulics and torque.

So if you have recently experienced a low impact vehicle collision, don’t wait to have it checked. Find out if your frame needs straightening to maintain your vehicle’s safety and don’t risk driving with a compromised frame. Give us a call at 801-766-1222 to learn more, or to schedule an estimate with our Dent Master shop in Lehi, Utah. We look forward to getting you and your loved ones back on the road again safely!