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Many vehicles are turned off the assembly line with a rich paint job and gleaming clear coat that provides the vehicle with a luster that draws you in and tempts you to buy it. Even after enjoying the vehicle for several years, it’s possible for scratches in the pain or imperfections in the clear coat to develop.

This unsightly state can further be enhanced by the inevitable dents, dings, and other minor imperfections that can develop after visits to the grocery store and mall parking lots. In many of these situations, if the compromised paint isn’t addressed, the area could be increasingly prone to developing small, yet spreading rust spots.

If you live in the Lehi, Utah, area and your vehicle has noticeable imperfections in the paint or protective clear coat, you should contact the auto body repair specialists at Dent Master.

Our technicians and master refinishers use a special type of automotive paint by PPG paint products this also includes Water Bourne base coats. These automotive paints offer superior color matching, that has an established reputation for durable, as well as being ecologically friendly.

If you live in the region surrounding Lehi, Utah, area and your vehicle is in need of professional paint services, you should call 801-766-1222 to set up a professional consultation and estimate at Dent Master.