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Does your car or truck feel like it’s no longer driving smoothly and has begun drifting from side to side? Does turning corners or making any sort of change in movement in your vehicle feel “off?” If so, your vehicle may be out of alignment and need to be straightened. To help you better understand, listed below are some frequently asked questions about auto frame straightening:

Question: What is frame straightening?
– A car frame straightening is an auto restoration treatment designed to improve or repair the body frame of your vehicle.

Question: Why does a vehicle need to be straightened?
– If a vehicle is improperly aligned, it can cause a vehicle failure and lead to serious accidents.

Question: What processes are used to align the body of a vehicle?
– Because a vehicle frame is ultra-durable, a specialized hydraulic system has to be used to craft the vehicle’s body back into its proper shape. A computer laser system is used to eliminate any chance of user error and ensure the vehicle meets all factory specifications for your vehicle, returning it to showroom quality.

Question: What type of vehicles are most at risk for being out of alignment?
– Vehicles that have been off road or have hit giant bumps or breaks in the road can easily be knocked out of alignment. In addition, vehicles that have been in accidents, even small ones, could be out of alignment.

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