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Have you recently been in an auto accident, whether it was a minor fender bender with little apparent damage, or do you suspect more severe damage to your vehicle’s frame? Or are you simply finding that your vehicle seems to be “off” when it comes to its alignment? Today we’d like to take this opportunity to answer some questions you may have about your vehicle’s frame and our frame straightening services here at Dent Master in Lehi, Utah.

Q. What is frame straightening?

A. Frame straightening is a restorative process our trained technicians use to fix the frame or unibody of your damaged vehicle. To make this repair, we use a unique machine designed to adjust the frame of your vehicle by combining hydraulics and torque. To make sure that your vehicle is within the factory specifications when we do this, we use a frame machine that matches your specs with the help of a computerized laser measuring system for accuracy.

Q. Why is the vehicle’s frame so important?

A. Your frame is vital for your vehicle’s safety, the wear and tear on your tires, and for correct tracking. If you’ve been in an accident, even a minor, low-impact collision, there can be damage to the frame that can compromise your vehicle’s performance and safety. In the past, a vehicle’s frame and body panels were manufactured separate from each other. But with technological advances, manufacturers now incorporate the body panels with the structural frame to make your vehicle maintain the rigidity and structural integrity it needs to be out on the road safely.

Q. What kind of damage might my vehicle sustain in a collision?

A. That depends on the severity of the accident. Sometimes replacing the body panel is fairly simple and quick, other times the damage may be too severe to allow the vehicle back on the road again without extensive repairs. In this case, your insurance provider may decide that your vehicle would be better served written off as a total loss.

Our Dent Master collision repair technicians have experience saving vehicles that have sustained frame damage by using our specialized equipment to bring your vehicle back to its manufacturer’s safe operational specifications.

Checking out your frame is a good idea even after a minor fender bender in case the frame was compromised in any way, as you might end up with issues such premature deployment of an airbag, or your vehicle is less safe to operate if you are involved in a secondary accident later.

Q. Why should I take my vehicle to Dent Master?

A. Our technicians have the skill, experience and resources to inspect and analyze the damage to your vehicle’s frame and to help you negotiate with your insurance company. And if your vehicle isn’t driving smoothly, or turning corners don’t feel normal, or it’s drifting from side to side, you might have an alignment issue. Straightening the frame can solve this problem quickly and easily.

Whether you’ve recently had a collision and you suspect some element of your vehicle’s alignment or frame has been compromised, or simply want to check your vehicle’s alignment, please give our collision repair team a call at 801-766-1222 to set up an estimate in Lehi, Utah.