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You may have thought fixing your own RV (recreational vehicle) or motorhome was a great idea… at first. Sadly, the internet doesn’t give us all the answers we need or the abilities. You may not want to risk personal injury, so it’s best to seek professional help when it comes to repairing these large vehicles. Dent Master has the experience and materials needed to get your RV or motorhome up and running.

Since it is an outside vehicle that is usually stored outside as well, it tends to be more exposed to dings or damages. Without the high cost of a traditional auto shop, we can help your home on wheels look great again by addressing those dents and collision-related damages. When evaluating your motorhome or RV, we will be sure to inspect for anything you need. Whether it’s a general oil change, inspection, appliances or accessories check, or other maintenances, we’ll be sure you’re ready to out and back on the road for your next adventure.

Trained and certified, our team can make sure these damages are repaired within 24-48 hours (depending on availability of parts) and give you the best cost we can provide. Some RV or motorhome-specific repair shops will have a high cost, but with Dent Master, you know you’re getting your fixes for a great price. We research the best sources for the cheapest prices on parts while keeping in mind the quality and the use.

If you have questions about what our team can fix, please feel free to give our shop a call at 801-766-1222. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and set up an appointment. We are located here in Lehi, Utah, and are committed to providing excellent service to customers throughout northern Utah County and Southern Salt Lake County, including Lehi, Alpine, Highland, American Fork, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, and Draper, Utah.