Boost the Appearance of Your Car with Our Auto Paint Job

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your car? If so, our highly skilled and trained craftsmen proudly offer auto paint jobs at Master Dent. For your convenience, our paint boosts the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle and it also provides a protection layer to keep rocks and other... Read more »

Bedliners Protect Your Truck and Provide an Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance

Is your truck your ultimate sidekick when four wheeling, boating, or even completing a construction project? If so, your truck most likely experiences extreme wear and tear each day. This is why you should protect your truck with a bed liner so you can do all your favorite things without... Read more »

Does Your Vehicle Need to Have Its Frame Straightened?

Does your car or truck feel like it’s no longer driving smoothly and has begun drifting from side to side? Does turning corners or making any sort of change in movement in your vehicle feel “off?” If so, your vehicle may be out of alignment and need to be straightened.... Read more »

Do You Require a Paintless Dent Removal Service?

Unfortunately, most individuals will suffer vehicle dents during their lifetime. No matter how well you wax or protect your vehicle, dents are common. They could be from a collision with another vehicle to something as simple as a door scratch or damage from low hanging tree limbs. Fortunately, there are... Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Spray-On Bed Liners?

Have you taken the time to protect your truck bed from damage? If you find yourself hauling materials in your truck bed, it can easily be damaged by a variety of objects. With a spray-on bed liner, not only will your truck bed be better protected, but so too will... Read more »

The Paint Repair Quiz

Ensuring your paint repair goes along smoothly is one of our primary concerns at Dent Master. A paint repair can be costly if done incorrectly, so rely on our team to ensure it is done correctly and efficiently the first time. Take the following quiz to achieve a better understanding... Read more »

Dent Master Values Customer Service

Here at Dent Master we understand that needing automotive repair work can be stressful in and of itself. Not having your vehicle for a day or more while the body work is being repaired and painted can be a significant inconvenience. Having a positive experience is important to us. So,... Read more »

Paintless Dent Removal Can Repair Minor Dings

Door dings and minor dents are often an unfortunate reality in life of your vehicle. Something as simple as a shopping trip to the mall or grocery store can leave you with an unsightly blemish that affects the appearance of your car. At the same time, inclement weather can cause... Read more »

A Professional Paint Job Preserves Your Car’s Appearance

Dents, dings, hail damage, and other serious auto body damage can affect your vehicle’s lifespan. Sometimes it can even call for an area or panel to be completely replaced. Once Dent Master’s highly skilled auto body technicians have completed the repair work, we will then turn our attention to the... Read more »

A Spray-On Bed Liner Helps Protect the Box of Your Truck

If you have a truck that works for a living, or you’re simply looking to protect your investment, then chances are good you’re considering the best way to protect the box of your truck. Adding a tonneau cover or topper to the box limits overall cargo space, and can affect... Read more »