Minor Dings in Automotive Panels Can Sometimes Be Repaired without Needing to Repaint the Vehicle

As the years go by your vehicle is likely to suffer dings and minor damage to one or multiple panels. A child’s errant throw of a ball, a careless person parking too close, or a stray shopping cart left loose from the cart corral all can potentially cause a minor... Read more »

Communication Availability Helps Give Your Confidence During the Collision Repair Process

Being in an auto accident can sometimes cause more psychological trauma than it does bodily harm. The damage to your vehicle can vary in severity. In some instances, it can rob you of your primary mode of transportation for getting to work and other family activities. If you find yourself... Read more »

A Spray-On Bed Liner Can Help Preserve the Value of Your Truck

The box of your truck can play a wide range of roles throughout the vehicle’s life. This is especially true if your truck works for a living hauling supplies, tools, and equipment. At the same time many truck manufacturers are using light weight and alternative materials in their truck boxes.... Read more »

Get Your Vehicle Aligned Today!

Do you feel your car is driving a bit odd? Perhaps you feel your car or truck is drifting from side to side as you go? If so, you may need to have your vehicle’s frame straightened. Dent Master can help you! Having your frame straightened is an auto restoration... Read more »

There Are Simple Things You Can Do to Help Maintain Your New Paint Job

Auto body repair often calls for repainting a body panel or the entire body of your vehicle. Here at Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, we use high-quality PPG paint products and Water Bourne base coats. We use a unique formulation, allowing our master refinishers to perfectly match the color of... Read more »

A Thorough Inspection Is Critical for an Accurate Estimate

Automotive collisions can come in a wide range of severity, and the cost to repair auto body damage will certainly vary by the make, model, and year of your vehicle. At the same time, if the damage to your vehicle has left it inoperable or unsafe, losing a means of... Read more »

Unrepaired Paint Chips Can Cause Eventual Rust Problems

As your car ages and spends more time on the road, it becomes increasingly likely that it will suffer multiple minor paint chips. This could be from small rocks bouncing up off the road, a minor brush with a parking pole, or an errant toy thrown by a small child.... Read more »

Getting Competitive Estimates Can Help Find the Best Deal for Repairing Your Damaged Vehicle

While it’s unfortunate, minor fender benders are a reality that crops up all too often on the roads. Sometimes this can be as significant as a major accident, sideswipe, or collision. On the other hand of the spectrum, something as simple as a rogue shopping cart or someone backing up... Read more »

A Professional Paint Job Can Enhance Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Sometimes when you’re shopping for just the right car, you find the make and model you want with all the features you value at just the right price. Yet, it comes with an unappealing color that simply doesn’t match the kind of appearance you want. Rather than live with a... Read more »

Frame Straightening Might Be Needed After an Auto Collision

In the past, it was standard operating procedure for an automotive manufacturer to develop a vehicle with the frame and body as separable elements. If a body panel was damaged in an automotive collision, it could easily be replaced without any influence on the structural frame of the car. This... Read more »