A Thorough Inspection Is Critical for an Accurate Estimate

Automotive collisions can come in a wide range of severity, and the cost to repair auto body damage will certainly vary by the make, model, and year of your vehicle. At the same time, if the damage to your vehicle has left it inoperable or unsafe, losing a means of transportation can be very stressful…. Read more »

Unrepaired Paint Chips Can Cause Eventual Rust Problems

As your car ages and spends more time on the road, it becomes increasingly likely that it will suffer multiple minor paint chips. This could be from small rocks bouncing up off the road, a minor brush with a parking pole, or an errant toy thrown by a small child. At first one or two… Read more »

Getting Competitive Estimates Can Help Find the Best Deal for Repairing Your Damaged Vehicle

While it’s unfortunate, minor fender benders are a reality that crops up all too often on the roads. Sometimes this can be as significant as a major accident, sideswipe, or collision. On the other hand of the spectrum, something as simple as a rogue shopping cart or someone backing up too far in a parking… Read more »

A Professional Paint Job Can Enhance Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Sometimes when you’re shopping for just the right car, you find the make and model you want with all the features you value at just the right price. Yet, it comes with an unappealing color that simply doesn’t match the kind of appearance you want. Rather than live with a lesser vehicle or try to… Read more »

Frame Straightening Might Be Needed After an Auto Collision

In the past, it was standard operating procedure for an automotive manufacturer to develop a vehicle with the frame and body as separable elements. If a body panel was damaged in an automotive collision, it could easily be replaced without any influence on the structural frame of the car. This style of design had multiple… Read more »

Boost the Appearance of Your Car with Our Auto Paint Job

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your car? If so, our highly skilled and trained craftsmen proudly offer auto paint jobs at Master Dent. For your convenience, our paint boosts the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle and it also provides a protection layer to keep rocks and other potential chip makers from harming… Read more »

Bedliners Protect Your Truck and Provide an Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance

Is your truck your ultimate sidekick when four wheeling, boating, or even completing a construction project? If so, your truck most likely experiences extreme wear and tear each day. This is why you should protect your truck with a bed liner so you can do all your favorite things without worrying about scratching or wearing… Read more »

Does Your Vehicle Need to Have Its Frame Straightened?

Does your car or truck feel like it’s no longer driving smoothly and has begun drifting from side to side? Does turning corners or making any sort of change in movement in your vehicle feel “off?” If so, your vehicle may be out of alignment and need to be straightened. To help you better understand,… Read more »

Do You Require a Paintless Dent Removal Service?

Unfortunately, most individuals will suffer vehicle dents during their lifetime. No matter how well you wax or protect your vehicle, dents are common. They could be from a collision with another vehicle to something as simple as a door scratch or damage from low hanging tree limbs. Fortunately, there are ways to fix dents and… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Spray-On Bed Liners?

Have you taken the time to protect your truck bed from damage? If you find yourself hauling materials in your truck bed, it can easily be damaged by a variety of objects. With a spray-on bed liner, not only will your truck bed be better protected, but so too will your truckload, as it can… Read more »