Paintless Dent Removal Can Effectively Improve Minor Dings

Door dings, minor divots, and small areas of weather damage can start to accumulate on your vehicle’s body panels over time. This can leave you with an unattractive vehicle, even if it has never suffered a significant automotive collision. In the past the perception was that you simply had to live with minor dents and… Read more »

Unrepaired Structural Damage to Your Vehicle Can Cause Significant Problems

An automotive collision can have a profound effect on you personally. Even if you aren’t injured the psychological effects and financial ramifications can have a major impact on your life. Choosing not to have a damaged panel inspected or repaired by a professional collision repair specialist can prove to be a significant error in judgment…. Read more »

A Spray On Bed Liner Can Help Prevent Punctures

As the demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles increases in the marketplace, more and more truck manufacturers are turning to lightweight materials in body and box construction. Some will use lightweight aluminum in the floor pan of the box to save a significant amount of weight. This also has the benefit of rust resistance. Unfortunately, an… Read more »

Rust Problems on a Car Can Be Avoided

Over time as we travel in our car, minor bumps, scrapes, and chips can occur in our paint. If these are ignored, rust can occur, which can lead to many problems. Many people think paint on a car is not important, however, this would be incorrect. The paint on your car is a protective layer… Read more »

Even Minor Collision Repairs Might Call for Bumper Replacement

By law, a vehicle must have functioning bumpers to be considered road legal. Sometimes a minor automotive collision can affect a bumper with little to no overt damage caused to any of the other body panels. Giving in to the temptation to simply live with the slightly disfigured bumper, could prove to be a significant… Read more »

Minor Dings in Automotive Panels Can Sometimes Be Repaired without Needing to Repaint the Vehicle

As the years go by your vehicle is likely to suffer dings and minor damage to one or multiple panels. A child’s errant throw of a ball, a careless person parking too close, or a stray shopping cart left loose from the cart corral all can potentially cause a minor dent. Many people have settled… Read more »

Communication Availability Helps Give Your Confidence During the Collision Repair Process

Being in an auto accident can sometimes cause more psychological trauma than it does bodily harm. The damage to your vehicle can vary in severity. In some instances, it can rob you of your primary mode of transportation for getting to work and other family activities. If you find yourself in a place like this,… Read more »

A Spray-On Bed Liner Can Help Preserve the Value of Your Truck

The box of your truck can play a wide range of roles throughout the vehicle’s life. This is especially true if your truck works for a living hauling supplies, tools, and equipment. At the same time many truck manufacturers are using light weight and alternative materials in their truck boxes. This can leave your truck… Read more »

Get Your Vehicle Aligned Today!

Do you feel your car is driving a bit odd? Perhaps you feel your car or truck is drifting from side to side as you go? If so, you may need to have your vehicle’s frame straightened. Dent Master can help you! Having your frame straightened is an auto restoration treatment that can improve the… Read more »

There Are Simple Things You Can Do to Help Maintain Your New Paint Job

Auto body repair often calls for repainting a body panel or the entire body of your vehicle. Here at in , , we use high-quality PPG paint products and Water Bourne base coats. We use a unique formulation, allowing our master refinishers to perfectly match the color of your vehicle while also being ecologically friendly…. Read more »