Automotive Restorers Often Need Professional Paint Services

There is a wide range of classic cars and previously owned vehicles that attract enthusiasts. Some people with a passion for automotive restoration will purchase these older vehicles to gradually restore them as part of an on-going hobby. Even after the engine and interior have been restored, the vehicle’s body... Read more »

Trucks That Work for a Living Often Benefit From a Durable Bed Liner

Full-size pickup trucks play an important role in many industries, including road construction and remodeling. They are often tasked with transporting people, equipment and materials from one job site to the next. Many of these businesses also provide key employees with company trucks as an added convenience. Maintaining these vehicles... Read more »

A Comprehensive Estimate Ensures That Your Vehicle Is Repaired Right the First Time

Minor fender benders and major automobile collisions are an unfortunate reality on the modern roadway. Fortunately, many automotive manufacturers have invested significant time and money in producing vehicles with advanced safety features to minimize the potential injuries that can result when two vehicles collide. Exactly what is covered in your... Read more »

A Professional Paint Job Can Improve Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Sun fading, scratches and small chips in your vehicle’s paint job can significantly alter its appearance without having an immediate adverse effect on its performance. In some of these cases the compromised areas can be vulnerable to future problems with rust or chipped paint that continues to degrade. Here at... Read more »

Frame Damage May Not Result in the Total Loss of the Vehicle

Most modern vehicles incorporate some element of the structural frame with the body panels. They work in conjunction with other structures to provide your vehicle with the rigidity and structural integrity needed to drive on the road safely. When your vehicle is involved in an automotive collision the damage can... Read more »

Collision Repair Might Require Panel Replacement

Modern-day vehicles typically integrate the structural frame with the car’s body. When a body panel is damaged by an automotive collision, it can do more than simply compromise the vehicle’s visual appeal. Indeed, this could affect the safe operation of the vehicle, lead to alignment problems or damage related components... Read more »

Automotive Collisions Can Affect Vehicle Safety

Sometimes even the most proficient driver can’t avoid an automotive collision. Fortunately, most modern day vehicles come with a bevy of safety features to help minimize trauma and bodily harm. Some automotive accidents might appear to be minimal. Yet even if the vehicle is fully operational the safety features might... Read more »

A Rental Car Might Be Needed During Automotive Collision Repair

An automotive collision can be a traumatic event in a person’s life. Fortunately, modern automotive technology includes a wide range of advanced safety features to reduce the chance of injury. Even if no one is injured in an accident,  a vehicle that is undrivable or unsafe can cause significant complications... Read more »

Paintless Dent Removal Can Help Address Minor Auto Body Dings

When your vehicle first hit the dealership showroom floor it was gleaming, vibrant, and smooth. As time goes on, though, weather, minor roadbed quality problems, and parking lots can cause imperfections to appear on your vehicle’s panels. Sometimes something as simple as a rock bouncing off the road or a... Read more »

Modern Auto Paint Has Multiple Layers

Your vehicle’s color and clear coat plays an important role in your car’s overall appearance, as well as how you, the driver, identify yourself with your vehicle. Throughout the years, automotive manufacturers across the world have improved the application of automotive paint so that is is as much of an... Read more »