You Can Protect Your Truck with a Spray-On Bed Liner

Our team of professionals at Dent Master consist of qualified craftsmen, technicians, and mechanics you can count on to help you with all of your auto body needs, including installing spray-on truck bed liners. Our liners are some of the strongest, best-looking bed liners on the market. If you own a truck and use it… Read more »

Are You Looking for Paintless Dent Removal for Your Vehicle?

The weather is changing with the seasons and so are the conditions you will be driving in. Rain, snow, and sleet can all invite damage to your vehicle’s body panels. A rock hitting your vehicle when you are driving down a dirt road in the mountains, or a shopping cart hitting your vehicle in the… Read more »

Why the Paint on Your Vehicle Matters

When it comes to your vehicle, the paint can make a huge difference not only in its appearance but the protection it offers the body. What this means is that when it gets dings or scratches, it can seriously affect both the quality, value and safety of your vehicle. And with winter on its way, now is… Read more »

Getting Your Vehicle Back on the Road Again After an Accident

When it comes to repairing your vehicle after an incident, it helps to know where to go to receive the quality you need to get back on the road again as good as new. At Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, we help you do just that. We’ve been assisting clients with their auto body needs… Read more »

An Advisor Helps Take the Stress Out of the Collision Repair Process

Even with comprehensive insurance, a seemingly small car accident can cause a large amount of stress. A vehicle that has suffered significant damage is likely undrivable. In some of these instances, a single component such as damaged suspension, a cracked frame or a compromised airbag can render your vehicle unsafe even if it can still… Read more »

Why Use Dent Master for Your Auto Repair Needs?

When you come to Dent Master for help after a vehicle collision, you can rest with confidence that your vehicle is in good hands with our specialists. Our technicians, mechanics, and craftsmen have been helping residents in the Utah County area for over 20 years to get their vehicles back on the road in better… Read more »

If Your Vehicle Has Sustained Body Panel Damage, We Can Help!

When you come to our Dent Master team with a vehicle which has sustained body panel damage because of an automotive accident, you can rest assured that our expert specialists will give you the quality care you need in the timeliest manner possible. We are here to provide you with one on one care you… Read more »

Automotive Restorers Often Need Professional Paint Services

There is a wide range of classic cars and previously owned vehicles that attract enthusiasts. Some people with a passion for automotive restoration will purchase these older vehicles to gradually restore them as part of an on-going hobby. Even after the engine and interior have been restored, the vehicle’s body panels and paint also play… Read more »

Trucks That Work for a Living Often Benefit From a Durable Bed Liner

Full-size pickup trucks play an important role in many industries, including road construction and remodeling. They are often tasked with transporting people, equipment and materials from one job site to the next. Many of these businesses also provide key employees with company trucks as an added convenience. Maintaining these vehicles goes a long way toward… Read more »

A Comprehensive Estimate Ensures That Your Vehicle Is Repaired Right the First Time

Minor fender benders and major automobile collisions are an unfortunate reality on the modern roadway. Fortunately, many automotive manufacturers have invested significant time and money in producing vehicles with advanced safety features to minimize the potential injuries that can result when two vehicles collide. Exactly what is covered in your auto insurance as well as… Read more »