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There is a wide range of classic cars and previously owned vehicles that attract enthusiasts. Some people with a passion for automotive restoration will purchase these older vehicles to gradually restore them as part of an on-going hobby.

Even after the engine and interior have been restored, the vehicle’s body panels and paint also play an important role in its overall function and appearance. Here at Dent Master’s shop in Lehi, Utah, we understand the kind of passion that comes from automotive restoration, and our professional paint services can help you realize your ultimate vision for the vehicle.

Our Master refinishers can customize the color of your vehicle to match the original paint job or develop a new color that accents your vision. This can include matching or developing a color to contrast the vehicle’s existing interior.

We use PPG paint products with Water Bourne basecoats which are ecologically friendly and unbelievably durable. Our paint jobs also come with a special lifetime warranty, which helps to ensure that your vehicle retains its new appearance for many years to come.

If you are currently restoring a classic car or older vehicle and you need professional paint services, you should consider calling 801-766-1222 to set up an appointment at Dent Master’s shop in Lehi, Utah.