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Sometimes even the most proficient driver can’t avoid an automotive collision. Fortunately, most modern day vehicles come with a bevy of safety features to help minimize trauma and bodily harm.

Some automotive accidents might appear to be minimal. Yet even if the vehicle is fully operational the safety features might have been compromised. This could leave you and your passengers vulnerable to severe trauma from another seemingly minor accident.

Many modern vehicles integrate the structural frame with the body panels. When a panel has damage the safety once provided by the frame can be significantly compromised. In the case of a damaged bumper, the absorbers can collapse.

Here at Dent Master located in Lehi, Utah, our highly trained and certified technicians can assess the severity of the damage to help you understand your repair options. This could include removing minor dents and dings, replacing panels, replacing damaged auto glass, repainting a damaged area or reinstalling a compromised safety feature.

We can also help you work with your insurance agency to make the most out of your coverage options and claims as well as helping to connect you with a local rental car company.

If you live in the region surrounding Lehi, Utah, area and your vehicle has been damaged, you should call 801-766-1222 to get an estimate from Dent Master.