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Even with comprehensive insurance, a seemingly small car accident can cause a large amount of stress. A vehicle that has suffered significant damage is likely undrivable. In some of these instances, a single component such as damaged suspension, a cracked frame or a compromised airbag can render your vehicle unsafe even if it can still be driven.

In some of these instances, the vehicle might technically be drivable, but the negative impact on its handling, braking or acceleration could make no it longer road legal. If you were to get in a second accident as a result of the vehicle’s compromised function, the liability you face could be staggering!

When a family’s primary or secondary vehicle is lost, tasks that used to seem simple, like commuting to work or driving the kids to school can be difficult. Sometimes the only short-term solution is to shoulder the cost of a rental car while you wait for the insurance company to consider and process your claim.

Fortunately, the professional collision repair services offered by Dent Master’s technicians in Lehi, Utah, can help repair your damaged vehicle quickly and with minimal stress.

The process starts with a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of the damage to the vehicle’s body panels and frame, as well as related safety features. This information will be factored into the estimate we provide to you, which can be submitted to your car insurance company. Our estimate will include the cost of parts, labor and the estimated time needed to complete the repair.

We also go one step further in reducing the inherent stress of the process by assigning you an advisor. They can answer many of your questions, while also keeping you abreast of the repair schedule and the status of the parts on order. Being able to demystify the process while keeping you connected can go a long way toward reducing your stress level and make backup transportation plans.

Once the repair work has been completed, your vehicle will be restored to safe operating condition and appearance. If a body panel needed to be fully replaced, our master refinishers will be able to paint it to perfectly match the rest of the vehicle.

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you should bring your vehicle into Dent Master’s shop in Lehi, Utah, for a comprehensive inspection and estimate. We look forward to helping you get back on the road!