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Automotive collisions can come in a wide range of severity, and the cost to repair auto body damage will certainly vary by the make, model, and year of your vehicle. At the same time, if the damage to your vehicle has left it inoperable or unsafe, losing a means of transportation can be very stressful.

Here at Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, we understand the temptation to rush through the estimating and repair process and the need for expediency. However, if a minor point is missed or not adequately repaired the first time, it can be very hard to make a successful claim with your insurance company later down the road.

To ensure the highest level of service and repair as well as satisfy your timetable, we place extra focus on performing a thorough inspection of the damage. We will make sure that all immediate and ancillary factors are inspected and included in the estimate that will be submitted to your insurance agency.

This can give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be repaired correctly the first time and you won’t be surprised by some other factor at a later date.

If you live in the Lehi, Utah, area and you need a comprehensive estimate for your damaged vehicle, should call 801-766-1222 to schedule an inspection at Dent Master’s shop in Lehi, Utah.