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As the demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles increases in the marketplace, more and more truck manufacturers are turning to lightweight materials in body and box construction. Some will use lightweight aluminum in the floor pan of the box to save a significant amount of weight. This also has the benefit of rust resistance.

Unfortunately, an aluminum box can also leave you at increased risk of suffering a puncture. This is even more likely to be an I if you need your truck for hauling materials and equipment on a regular basis.

One convenient way to reduce the chances of suffering a box puncture is to have Dent Master apply a durable spray on bed liner.

Once we spray it onto the surfaces of your truck box it will create a durable protective barrier that fortifies the box’s capacity and helps prevent damage to the underlying metal.

We shoot a polyurea hybrid that is heated to 150 degrees and pressurized to 2500 pounds per square inch. This helps our box liners to be some of the strongest and best looking on the market. Our team members at Dent Master have over 15 years of experience in prepping and applying bed liners to trucks.

If you have recently bought a truck in the Lehi, Utah, area and you need help preserving and protecting the integrity of your box you should call 801-766-1222 to have Dent Master to apply a durable spray on bed liner.