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Sun fading, scratches and small chips in your vehicle’s paint job can significantly alter its appearance without having an immediate adverse effect on its performance. In some of these cases the compromised areas can be vulnerable to future problems with rust or chipped paint that continues to degrade.

Here at Dent Master located in Lehi, Utah, we offer a wide range of auto body repair services, which includes high-quality professional painting applied by our master refinishers. After a basic inspection to assess the nature and severity of the aesthetic issues with your vehicle’s paint, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate.

If you would like, we can replicate and restore your vehicle’s original paint color, or we can change the hue to your personal preference. If necessary, we can also address any minor physical defects and small dents as part of the process.

Our master refinishers use PPG paint products along with Water Bourne base coats. Each of these products has been specially formulated to be ecologically friendly as well as incredibly durable. Our paint jobs also come with an optional warranty which can preserve your vehicle’s appearance in the long term.

If you live in the area around Lehi, Utah, and your vehicle’s paint job has been compromised, you should call 801-766-1222 to set up a professional estimate at Dent Master.